Work as Sacrament
Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Thursday, 22 January 2015
You're leaving a legacy today with every plan, decision, and action. Is it a legacy you're happy with and proud of?
Chris Edmonds

Dear Peninsula MCC Friend:

When meeting a stranger for the first time we often ask, first or nearly first; "What do you do?" The custom developed at a time when a job said a lot more about us than it might today. Today many of us earn income for living from jobs that don't fully match our unique gifts or passions. Then, of course, there are the unemployed, retired, disabled - many of whom cannot/do not work.

There must be a better question to ask of one another in a caring community. What if instead, we asked each other, "What is your work?" Meaning, what gift or calling has been given to you and how are you sharing that with the world?

Thank you for the party last Saturday night, and for your generous donations to PMCC in honor of this 15th year of ministry. I love the new Chasuble and Stole (watch for their Easter debut!). I loved the warmth in the room, and the laughter. It was good to see old friends, and new ones. I am grateful, always, for you.

See you Sunday at 12:30 as we talk more about work as sacrament. The Bible in 90 Days Group is in the Pine Room at 11am (please use side door). Meditation in the Zen Tradition follows at 3pm.


Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Senior Pastor, Peninsula MCC

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, Jan. 28: Bible in 90 Days, 7-8pm, or Sunday 11am (use side door). 1 Sam 28 - 2 Kings 25. In week 4 we'll meet some more interesting characters and hear more stories... some not suitable for children. Notice how David (clearly bisexual), is constantly lifted up as righteous, but is far from perfect. Notice that the Jewish people will be divided into two groups and then will begin fighting each other again as enemy (oppressed groups sometimes do this when they feel a new claim to power - and want to access it). Notice how many kings are crowned at very young age - one wonders who was making the decisions! If you want a copy of the weekly study guide just send your e-mail.

Saturday, January 31: PMCC Women at DeYoung Museum. 9am at church for carpool or 9:45 at DeYoung. Buy tickets in advance for the 10am entry time, $28.00

Sunday, February 1: Let Your Light Shine Followed by a Life Changes and Transitions Workshop (free). "Are you in the middle of something that is new, unplanned or unfinished? Life is a series of frequent changes, some are welcomed others are challenging. This workshop is intended to provide a framework to explore new roles, new family or career path, adjustment issues, loss and gains."

Wednesday, Feb. 4th: Bible in 90 Days, 7-8pm, or Sunday, Feb. 8, 11am Pine Room. 1 Chronicles 1 - 1 Nehemiah 12 (we are 1/3 of the way through the Bible at this week!)

February 18th: Ash Wednesday, 7pm at Congregational Church of San Mateo.

Friday, Feb. 20: Dementia and Caring for LGBT Adults, and all day workshop in SF, call 650-721-1023 for more information.

Sunday, February 22: Get Ready: A cook-off follows worship: "No Meat" loaf and mashed side dish challenge. Yes, of course there is a prize!

June 7 (DATE CHANGE!) 5:30-10:30pm: Peninsula MCC's 10th Anniversary Party! The theme is Hollywood, and there's plenty of time to shop! Lots of surprises (think Red Carpet!) are being prepared for a great celebration. We hope many people from the past 10 years will celebrate with us. Tickets will go on sale soon.