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Nationwide Equal Marriage
Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Thursday, 23 April 2015
Though you may feel angry, do not give into fear. Commune with the Heart of your heart as you rest, and be in silence. Make peace with your fears, and trust in Love.
from the 4th Psalm

Dear Peninsula MCC Friend:

On April 28th the Supreme Court of the United States will once again take up the issue of same-sex marriage for the United States. The ruling will come in June. Meanwhile, we will once again suffer a kind of limbo and waiting -- will justice unfold for us, once and for all?

In the 4th chapter of the book of Psalms the poet suggests that we deal with the inevitable cascade of feelings by resting in silence, making peace with any fear we might hold. This is not the kind of rest that keeps us from action. It's the kind of rest that gives us strength for speaking up. It may seem kind of counterintuitive in some ways -- I'll talk about it more on Sunday.

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