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What Kind of Soil Are You?
Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Thursday, 17 July 2014
Plant your rows, straight and long, thicken them with prayer and song, Mother Earth will make you strong if you give her love and care. Old crow watching hunger, from his perch in yonder tree, in my garden I'm as free as the feathered beak up there.
Garden Song by Pete Seeger

Dear Peninsula MCC Friend:

Thank you for the wonderful time at the Taco and Salsa cook-off! Great entries, great fun! Keep your eyes open for the next event - a pancake breakfast on Saturday, Oct. 11th.

Thank you too for those stayed to celebrate the life of James Hittner. Many of those who knew him from his cardiac rehab groups joined us. It was good to hear so many stories - turns out James was an avid bingo player. May peace be in the hearts of all who mourn. James's body was laid to rest in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

There are several parables of gardens and gardeners in the book of Matthew, and the many results one can expect from seeds planted in the soil. These parables are often interpreted as threatening narratives - if you're not the right kind of soil, or the right kind of plant, woe to you! I think the truth is that there are times in our lives when each of us might find ourselves in each of the places Matthew reflects upon. Each of us, at some time or another, has been a desert - barren, until one considers the cactus. Each of us has been unable to hear the voice of God, the messages of God's love, at some time in our lives. We also know what it is to produce flowers and joy in turn. Metaphorically, most of us are a mix of soils and plants and trees. Join us on Sunday as we reflect more deeply on these parables, and find our stories there.

Sunday, following worship, the Somewhere in the Middle Group meets! Join us as we support, and talk about, all kinds of genders.

Tonight (Thursday, July 17th, 7pm): The Movie "Red" with Bruce Willis. Leonor has a movie room in her condo complex and you're invited to join her! Call 650-515-0900 for address/directions. Next Thursday is "The Devil Wears Prada."

Apply (or encourage someone else to apply) for the new San Mateo County LGBT Commission. This is the first commission of its kind in California, and an important step for the well-being of LGBT families in San Mateo County. Have questions? Click here or call Honora Miller at 650-363-4872.

We are collecting school supplies on July 27th for Puente again this year. Puente is a non-profit in San Mateo County that serves farm and nursery workers (and their families) in the Pescadero and La Honda area. Many of these families lack the transportation options to get to big box stores, and shops in the towns are prohibitively expensive. We can help the children of these families have what they need for school. The backpacks are donated - just bring stuffing's!


Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Senior Pastor, Peninsula MCC

P.S. Good News! Our fiscal year has wrapped up and thanks to your generosity, we have ended the year in the black (but it was close!). It's our ninth year (of nine) to have income to match expenses, and I am so thankful! As we start this new fiscal year please consider an increase in your giving, or make your giving automatic! We have church every Sunday even when you can't attend. Just click "Donate Now" here.