Welcome to Peninsula MCC
Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst ... for?
(Matt. 5:6)

Dear Friend:

It's very likely that Jesus, in the original beatitude, said, simply, blessed are those who hunger and thirst... for they shall be filled. In the Sermon on the Mount it becomes more than a beatitude but a real blessing as he distributes loaves and fishes to the crowd.

We need to pray for those in San Mateo County for whom housing is becoming a crisis, increasing numbers of fully-employed people who are forced to choose rent or food - or an increased carbon footprint and hours in mind numbing traffic.

We all know the experience of hunger and thirst, it's a survival mechanism that reminds us that our bodies need food and water. If we forgo food and water it's usually for a very good reason, a time of fasting, or a lack of resources. Hunger and thirst are simply hard to ignore.

We also know hunger and thirst in other ways, the yearning for companionship, yearning for answers to life's great questions, we thirst for power, or for possessions, the hunger of lust. I'm sure we can all come up with your own good lists.

Later writers (?) altered the text, perhaps thinking of those kinds of yearnings, to say that our hunger should be for righteousness, but what that really means remains debatable. That's the conversation we'll have on Sunday.

Rev. Terri