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Bring Supplies (If You Can)
Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Thursday, 24 July 2014
Kshanti is the practice of exercising patience in the face of conduct or situations that might not necessarily deserve it — a conscious choice to give patience as if it is a gift. This, rather than being in a state of oppression in which one feels obligated to act in such a way, is said to be the "highest virtue."

Dear Peninsula MCC Friend:

The Author of Romans urges the fledgling community to practice "patient endurance," but Christianity isn't the only faith to promote the idea. It's a widely held spiritual ideal, and even part of a childhood chant: "Patience is a virtue that must be learned." We might even say it's a foundational principal for many faiths – necessary for the other virtues to find meaning.

Patient endurance is not a favored lesson, and it's at least as hard to grasp as forgiveness. We might pray for it, "God, please grant me patience, NOW." We might exercise it – with malice. Few of us have learned to practice it, as Buddhism offers, as a gift. We'll explore this, and other takes on patient endurance, this week at PMCC. Join us!

Meditation in the Zen Tradition follows worship at 3pm.

We are collecting school supplies this week for the children in Pescadero. Bring basic supplies (you can find a list at any supplier), a little or a lot, every bit helps these children have what they need to succeed. A Puente representative will be in church with us this week.


Rev. Terri J. Echelbarger
Senior Pastor, Peninsula MCC